Things I need, things we all need...Things I love, things I need

In 1988 I was trying to figure out LIFE. Trying to make sense of so many things. My Sister friend Yolanda sent me this list to remind of the basics.
I have kept it with me over the years to remind of the basics.
While it might seem that this has nothing to do with fabric, art or design, it does.
A couple of years ago my good friend Keisha Roberts and I were asked to speak at a meeting for the Triangle Weavers Association in Chapel Hill. Although neither of us are weavers, they wanted us to speak about our creative process as Art Quilters or Fiber Artists.

At first thought about what I do... what do I do ? do I do it ?...why do I do it ? This train of thoughts went on until I was able to get down to the basics of how I am able to create. What core things have to be
 in place.
1. will power
2. determination
3. discipline
4. harmony
5. balance
6. self control
7. inner strength 
8. courage
9. faith
10. stamina
11. positive attitude
12. happiness
So, I spoke about what I love, what I need, and what it took to get me there
Peace and Stitch,



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cookingwithgas said...

Words to live by, thank you for sharing this.