Candace Thomas began her passion with fiber in the late 1960’s. Her work is known for the blending a palette of African prints, tie dye and batik fabric, and highly-textured hand woven African textiles with cowrie shells, beads and thread painting. Her variations of the string quilt which are masterfully embellished and sculpted into multi-dimensional quilts­­—have achieved critical acclaim. Thomas was the featured artist in the 2005 African American Arts Festival in Greensboro, North Carolina. Her work which features strong African aesthetic has been exhibited in solo, group and traveling shows nationally. Thomas resides in Chapel Hill, NC.

I love fabric !
The touch, the sight, the thought of fabric sends me on a creative odyssey; exploring techniques, trying different fabrics and discovering news ways to create.
Working and playing with fabric has always been my passion. I started as a dressmaker/designer. Experimenting with cloth and thread enabled me to push the dressmaker envelope. I went beyond the pattern. When I discovered the quilt I was fascinated that fabrics could be cut into small pieces ,mixed together with other seemingly unrelated fabrics, then sewn together to make one strong visual statement. I was in heaven. Currently, my variations of the string quilt not only push the quilting envelope, it redefines it. I lean towards the rich colors of African prints, tie dyes and batiks and the textures of hand woven African textiles. I love using techniques that enable me to mold and sculpt fabric into multi-dimensional pieces of art.

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